Widmann-mauz calls for “clear stance” against racism

"It starts with the language, continues with a clear no to discrimination at school, at applications, at the workplace and ends with the everyday life of each one of us."Germany needs a "culture of contradiction," said the CDU politician.

She was reacting to descriptions of everyday racism on the internet under the hashtag "metwo". The racism debate was triggered by the resignation of soccer star mesut ozil from the german national team. Ozil had denounced experiences of racism in his resignation statement and criticized, among other things, that officials of the german soccer federation had not respected his turkish roots.

According to the minister of state in foreign affairs, michael roth, the experiences published under "#metwo" reveal "a gross pain that we cannot simply ignore or relativize". The SPD politician told the editorial network germany: "despite all our successes, it is clear that we have never sought a broad social understanding in germany about what keeps us together."There is a need to discuss how much commonality is necessary and how much diversity is possible in an increasingly colorful society.