These new rules for retirees now apply

From 2023, the additional earnings limit for pensioners will be eliminated altogether. In practice, this creates the space for a new strategy when planning for retirement.

Munich – Work and draw a pension at the same time without having it reduced because of the additional earnings: That can many employees with 63 years owing to the Corona special rules already for two years. But starting next year, even more generous rules will apply – permanently. Because the additional earnings limit for early retirement pensions is eliminated without replacement. The tz explains the details.

With the abolition, the federal government intends to make the transition from working life to retirement life more flexible in the case of early retirement. In practice, this creates the space for a new strategy: those who take their old-age pension early can in many cases plan for double income in the future: pension plus earned income.

Retire earlier: What applied previously?

Currently, the pension law still states: early retirees who earn more than 6300 euros gross in a calendar year must expect a reduction in their pension. Because of Corona this limit was increased to 46.060 Euro increased. At the end of the year, this special agreement was supposed to expire. But contrary to initial plans, the additional earnings limit for early retirees is now being eliminated altogether. But the requirements still apply: 35 years of contributions (including credited periods), minimum age 63.

How to adjust your retirement planning now?

If health and employer cooperate, you can calculate some years with double income. This can be useful, for example, to pay off the last debts on the residential property or if one wants to fulfill the dream of a mobile home or a trip.

Grows the pension claim?

Since the employment is still subject to pension insurance, you acquire additional pension points. With a gross wage of 2000 euros, that's a good 0.6 earning points per year. In four years, this would add up to a monthly pension increase of about 100 euros.

What to consider from a tax point of view?

Combining your pension and earned income may result in additional taxes, since most of your pension is taxable. Also important: Wage tax and social security contributions are still deducted from wages, contributions to health and long-term care insurance are deducted from the pension. Pension insurance does not withhold taxes. For this you have to file a tax return. Due to the additional pension drawn, a back tax payment is due!

Calculation example:

Bernd K. earns 3000 euros gross per month, his monthly pension is 1500 euros (Other data: Additional health insurance contribution 1.3 percent, nursing care insurance with child, no church tax). Net stay Bernd K. 2025.17 euros from wages and 1335 euros from pensions after deduction of health and long-term care insurance. If we take this as a basis, he must expect a tax arrears of 2000 euros. For this he would have to set aside about 165 euros a month.