The journey to hof was free

The journey to hof was free

The managing director of an insolvent kulmbach construction company could have saved himself the trouble of going to the district court of hof. After the man had filed an objection against a penalty order for 1000 euros for delaying insolvency, the oral proceedings took place on monday.

After just a few minutes, judge anke schattner asked the defendant and his defense attorney, ulrich graf from bayreuth, where the journey was to take them. The case is clear, there is no doubt about a conviction.

The prosecutor's office had previously refused to discontinue the proceedings. Prosecutor andreas canzler also indicated at the hearing that the position of the prosecution had not changed.
The lawyer did not understand why the public prosecutor was so strict in this matter. "There were enough circumstances to see it the way the defense liked it", he said.

Objection withdrawn

During an interruption the kulm bacher consulted with his lawyer. Then the defendant withdrew his objection. Thus, the penalty order of 20 days sentences x 50 euros becomes legally effective.

The proceedings were based on the insolvency of a kulmbach construction company in 2010. Already at the end of february, the manager must have been aware of the desolate situation of the company: available cash in the amount of 40.000 euros stood liabilities of 240.000 euros against. At least until 21. March he had to apply for the opening of insolvency proceedings. The manager missed this deadline by more than a month.