School trip insurance: carefree travel with insurance cover


Even the thought of a beautiful experience – whether in the past or the future – triggers feelings of happiness in us humans. When planning an upcoming trip, it brings back memories of joyful moments during previous journeys and evokes feelings of longing and freedom. Some scientists claim that this anticipation often makes people happier than the actual event they are looking forward to.

School trips are often looked forward to for months by teachers, parents and students. To ensure that this anticipation is not clouded by worries about possible financial losses, there are insurance policies that cover certain contingencies and provide assistance in the event of misfortune. Here, the insurance companies have a wealth of variants on offer, but it is easy for a layman to lose track of them all. To help you decide whether to take out an insurance policy, we have explained below the most important travel insurances that alpetour offers for school trips.

Basic travel cancellation cover before departure

Absolutely recommendable above all with school trips – the travel resignation basic protection. This insurance is number 1 among travel insurances. The most common events that make this insurance indispensable are: unexpected serious illness, serious accidental injury, retaking a failed exam, changing schools, or even not being transferred. Especially a very short-term withdrawal is often associated with high cancellation costs. The travel cancellation insurance offered by alpetour from our partner "Allianz Travel" reimburses these costs without deductible! In the event of a claim, make sure that the event that occurred is also insured. If z.B. If a participant's payment is not received and he or she is therefore excluded from the class trip, this is not a reason for insurance. Also the exclusion of a participant for disciplinary reasons is not insured.

Insurance packages after the start of the trip

While travel cancellation insurance takes effect in the event of damage before the start of the trip, there are insurance benefits that are also useful after the trip has begun. For alpetour class trips we therefore also offer an insurance package without excess as an alternative to the basic travel cancellation cover. In addition to the basic travel cancellation cover, this package includes travel interruption, travel accident, travel liability and travel health insurance incl. Sick repatriation. Z.B. Should a child become acutely ill during the school trip or z.B. injured while skiing, the cost of necessary medical assistance abroad will be reimbursed (z.B. Medical and hospital costs, medicines, search, rescue and emergency services. Salvage costs in case of accidents).

24 hour service number – included with your travel insurance policy

If you book a travel insurance for your school trip at alpetour – no matter if you choose the basic travel cancellation insurance or the insurance package – you will not only enjoy protection against financial losses but also assistance in case of damage or loss. Allianz Travel's Travel Assistance offers a 24-hour service number that can be reached in the event of medical emergencies or organizational questions.
Our tip: It's best to save the emergency number in your cell phone before you start your journey.


Another incident that could possibly lead to high costs and great resentment among all parties involved is the complete cancellation of a school trip due to the illness of a teacher. Some schools can not provide teachers as a substitute for a planned companion. If a school trip falls through due to the absence of a teacher, the teacher cancellation insurance will cover the costs incurred. The prerequisite and more detailed information can be found here.

If you do not already take out travel insurance when booking the school trip, this can be done with alpetour up to 30 days before departure at the latest.
Your advantage: The basic travel cancellation cover and the insurance package do not necessarily have to be booked for the entire group, but can also be taken out for individual participants from one person upwards.

Conclusion: Relaxed on a school trip with travel insurance from alpetour

With a travel insurance from alpetour you can plan and carry out your school trip in a relaxed way. In case of unexpected damage, stay calm and report the incident to alpetour immediately. Remember to obtain appropriate proofs (e.g.B. doctor's certificate, school certificate, receipts for additional expenses, police record) to enable an uncomplicated settlement. If you need any assistance, alpetour or the service hotline of Allianz Travel is always at your disposal.