Online presence: the right positioning for your practice

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Proper positioning can give you an enormous advantage in the competition for the right patient:s. Especially for practices in highly populated regions, it is crucial to stand out from competitors. In addition, you also make it easier for potential patients to make a decision when choosing a suitable practice.

Practice marketing – the first steps

First of all, you should think about what you and your practice stand for and what makes you and your team special. Answering this question can be difficult. In our latest brochure, "Practice marketing – the right way to position yourself and your practice!"[download free of charge] from Doctolib summarizes helpful tips, practical examples and explanations to help you work out the appropriate positioning for your dental practice.

Practice marketing – showing presence online

Digital positioning and a strong online presence on multiple channels is essential to a practice's discoverability today. An optimized online strategy can help you to attract the right new patients for your practice and to position your offered services in a more attention-grabbing way. It is important to distinguish between classic marketing and practice marketing. But what exactly is the procedure here? What exactly is understood by practice marketing and how you can successfully use practice marketing for yourself, we show you in our Doctolib webinar recording "Practice marketing – so you position yourself and your practice correctly!" [view here]. Our expert for practice marketing gives you easy-to-implement tips and tricks for your practice.

Practice marketing – strategies, tips and techniques

Which channels make sense? What budget should you expect and which practice marketing measures will bring your practice forward? You can hear this and many other helpful tips in the second episode of the podcast "What's up Doc?!-A different kind of consultation!" by Doctolib and doctor& Business in the episode "Practice marketing this is how it works!"Listen in here] with the digital expert and specialist for practice marketing, Sascha Maynert: "Practice marketing is an investment in the future from my point of view. If you don't set the right course today, you will be surprised in a few years, because the cake is distributed today."

Get tips and recommendations on what marketing activities are useful for positioning your practice and how to implement digital strategies.

In 3 steps to digital practice

You are looking for an automated, digital solution that will make your practice faster and more effective, as well as relieve your practice team? Then learn more about how Doctolib works in our 30-minute product demo.

  1. Consult: Make a non-binding and free consultation appointment at info.doctolib.en
    make out.
  2. Setting: Customize the digital appointment management service to your practice – together with you, the entire team and your personal Doctolib contact.
  3. Start: Training on site in your practice by our experienced team.