Near and far travel – 5 secret travel destinations for families in spring 2023

Local and long-distance travel - 5 secret destinations for families in spring 2023

Vacations outside the main season are usually much cheaper than the classic summer vacation. But where exactly can you go on vacation in spring at all?

We show it to you! In the following article, we'll introduce you to 5 secret destinations for local and long-distance family travel in spring 2023.

You don't have to worry about the temperature, all these destinations have a pleasant climate already in springtime.


Heidelberg is one of the oldest cities in Germany. Accordingly, Heidelberg has numerous historical sites to offer. including alleyways, a fascinating historic district and up to 900 landmarked buildings.

The highlight is the Heidelberg Castle, which is located directly above the adjacent river, the Neckar. This can be easily reached by taking the local mountain railroad.

Another advantage for families is that all the sights of Heidelberg are close together and you can explore the whole city on foot or by bus.

Moreover, Heidelberg has a mild climate all year round. This allows you to enjoy the nature of the historic city even in spring.

For example, it is a good idea to have a family picnic on the Neckar meadow. It is not without reason that this is one of the most popular places for the locals to relax. In addition, the adjacent Odenwald forest offers idyllic hiking trails.

Here's what else Heidelberg has to offer:

  • The old bridge with its lucky charm, the "Bruckenaff"
  • The medieval moated castle in Handschuhsheim
  • The oldest church in Heidelberg, St. Peter's Church

The Hague

The Hague

Despite its important international position as a Dutch government city, The Hague, with 550.000 inhabitants comparatively small. The city is also quite compact. The city districts are not separated by fields or forests, as is the case in many large German cities. Nonetheless, The Hague also has green spaces.

Government City also promises plenty of activities for the whole family. So you have countless options for shopping, excursions and to get to know the culture of the city.

The Scheveningen beach is only a few minutes away from the city center. Here, it's all about sitting back and enjoying everything that comes with a beach vacation: pier, boardwalk, sand, boats, surfing and more. So the weather here is already very pleasant in spring.

  • Tip: Camping is another great way to spend time together as a family. A cost-effective alternative to the motorhome is the trip with roof tent. Find out what you need to consider in our article on traveling with a roof tent.

All in all, The Hague is reminiscent of a quieter Amsterdam. The difference is that The Hague has fewer tourists, so you can still get to know a piece of authentic Holland.

You should also not miss this if you are on vacation in The Hague:

  • A bicycle tour to explore the city
  • De Haagse Market, the largest market in Europe
  • The Mauritshuis Royal Cabinet of Paintings, which includes Vermeer's world-famous "The Girl with the Pearl Earring" in its exhibit



The second largest state in the U.S. is often underestimated, which is why not too many tourists come here. But Texas has more to offer than it first appears. Houston in particular stands out as an exciting destination for a family vacation.

Especially Houston shines with its Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center, where the U.S. space program is managed. Complementary permanent and traveling exhibitions, exhibits and theatrical performances on the history of space travel are offered.

Houston is also home to one of the largest children's museums in the U.S.: the Houston Children's Museum. Your kids don't just watch, they actively participate in the learning experience. For example at one of the interactive exhibitions.

Finally, Houston is surrounded by numerous farms. The whole family can enjoy picking blueberries on one of the farms, riding ponies, or exploring the adjacent beaches or. Water parks to have fun.

Here's what else there is to discover in Houston:

  • Kemah Broadwalk, a boardwalk with all sorts of attractions, including roller coasters, Ferris wheels and restaurants
  • Houston's nature, including countless caves, lakes, parks and swimming holes
  • A visit to the Riverwalk in neighboring San Antonio, a park with museums, theaters and stores


The best time for a trip to Cuba is in the spring, when the temperatures settle at around. 28 degrees and are therefore ideal for spring vacation. Another advantage of Cuba: it is very cheap. At the same time, Cuba has a lot to offer for young and old alike.

First of all there are the state tours, where you get to know the history of the country as well as its culture (gladly also by horse carriage). The whole thing is accompanied by the classic Cuban street music.

Another exciting destination is the so-called Fortaleza de San Carlos de la Cabana, a fortress from the 16th century. A nineteenth-century viewpoint from which you can see the whole of Havana. Especially with children Fortaleza is always worth a visit.

Havana is also home to countless museums, such as the National Museum of Art and the Museum of the Revolution. At Parque Central you can end the day by simply enjoying the untouched nature of South America.

Other highlights in Cuba:

  • Culinary tour, a great way to explore Cuban cuisine
  • Excursion by vintage cab
  • The parks of Havana, including the Archaeological Park or the Nature Park



In Japan you will experience something new every day. From traditional towns to metropolitan cities, Japan covers the gamut of an adventure trip.

Since the trip can be expensive, it's worth doing a whole Japan tour instead of just exploring one city. The best time to travel to Japan is during the spring months of March, April and May.

The capital of Japan, Tokyo, is primarily known for its breathtaking skyline. But the city has much more to offer. You will find a variety of extraordinary shopping streets as well as the city's landmark: the Tokyo Tower.

Not too far away from Tokyo is also the Fuji Hakone National Park. The classical Japanese temples and Zen gardens are waiting for you here.

If it should be more traditional, then Kyoto is recommended. The former capital is still adorned with the wooden buildings of medieval Japan. In addition, you can still experience the tea ceremony of Japan live here.