Moving ahead fast: companies and social commitment on the ground

Moving ahead fast: companies and social commitment on the ground

In this way, the veil of anonymity between customer and company is lifted and a new understanding is created on both sides. Through this getting to know each other, opportunities are opened up that ensure that steps can be taken towards each other. This is indeed profitable – but not on a financial level, but rather on an almost personal one. Both sides can benefit from this and make a fair amount of money.

Get active – and stay active

Social commitment has many faces. In particular, large and well-known companies like to invest abroad, where they support the construction of shelters for homeless children or provide starving people with food and medical assistance. Donations can usually be made by anyone who likes it. The companies not only organize the forwarding of the money, they also put larger sums on top of it and thus make it possible to provide comprehensive aid where it is or becomes necessary. In addition, fundraising galas and benefit events have become established. There's nothing wrong with a household name raising money for a good cause, because even though there's an undeniable promotional effect, the focus of the events is on the help to be provided.

However, the major problems of our earth do not have to be tackled immediately. Commitment starts small and builds from there. It should not be forgotten that the world outside the company building could also use a little commitment. This can be skillfully linked with large, internationally active clubs and associations, so that people can look beyond their own frontiers and help others. No one has to feel neglected, because there are often opportunities for participation and donation options that invite people to do one or two good deeds.

When it comes to collecting donations, sporting events are especially in demand. After all, they not only bring a lot of people together, but also provide physical exercise for the sports volunteers. This supports a healthy lifestyle and the donation coffers. So it is no wonder that well-known corporate giants (e.G.B. Adler vertriebs gmbh& co. Giveaways KG) put on such events. The women's run saarlorlux, sponsored by adler, took place as recently as september, encouraging all volunteer female athletes to get active under the motto "run as we like it. Total 1.086 women answered the call and ran not only for top times, but also for donations from visitors and interested parties. A large part of the money raised was donated to the zonta club saarlouis e.V. Donated, informing people about the situation of women worldwide and campaigning for them. It will offer a self-defense course for women.

A win/win situation for all involved?

The answer to this question is a clear and unequivocal "yes". While the company that organizes or sponsors an event becomes better known, the participants reap the benefits and the feeling of doing something good. Diligently cheering spectators and other guests also benefit, because after all they enjoy entertainment and variety. Last but not least, national and international aid organizations and associations benefit from all this; they are usually the recipients of the donations received and can use them to further their projects to help people in need. When a company gets involved at a social level, for example by collecting donations, it's a good thing for everyone involved. There is nothing but winners.