Hip eco-fashion from the frankenwald

They were the "must-have of this year's franconian forest hiking marathon: funny t-shirts with the winking imprint: "straight outta franconian forest. The creator of these eye-catching pieces is the eco fashion label "bleed" from helmbrechts. The name is program. "Nobody has to bleed for our products. Neither man, animal nor nature. No torture, no murder, no poison. This is the unwritten and only law at "bleed" and thus firmly anchored in production and supply chain", this is the credo of michael spitzbarth. The 37-year-old is the founder and managing owner of the eco-fashion brand bleed, what is "bleeding" in german heibt.

The helmbrechts-based company stands for woodcut-like prints, refined structured fabrics and high-quality details. The materials used: cotton or hemp – naturally "organic". Who "bleed" not only can you be sure that the materials come from organically produced natural fibers, but that the entire production chain is "organic" and socially responsible. But "bleed" was certified according to the strict guidelines of the global organic textile standard (GOTS).

Michael spitzbarth and designer lena grimm create two collections every year, that's 200 individual pieces. The style appeals to younger shoppers. Spitzbarth, a tall, attractive surfer type, is his own best model. The collection is complemented by fun accessories like belts made of cork.

Even though he and his hip fashion are more likely to be found in a trendy metropolis, spitzbarth has deliberately located his company in the small town of helmbrechts in upper franconia, once the cradle of the upper franconian textile industry. "I am a child of the region. To be on the mountain, to walk on the magnificent high mountain ranges and through the deep meadow valleys of the frankenwald or on the flagship hiking trail par excellence, the 242-kilometer frankenwaldsteig, to track the fresh forest air and enjoy the incredible panorama – that's my thing. The frankenwald has enormous potential. Where else can you find so much untouched nature?? Here in the frankenwald i can fully develop professionally and i enjoy living in one of the most beautiful vacation regions in germany. The frankenwald gives me a lot of inspiration. And it is not least from this passion for this unique landscape and the life outside that our sporty outdoor collection was born."

Michael spitzbarth wants to continue his way consequently. His next project is "organic jeans made in germany": woven in helmbrechts, dyed near nurnberg and sewn in northern germany. And next year he wants to bring vegan shoes to the market: with soles made from old tires.