Habfurt goes for vacation flair

On friday evening, the old town of habfurt was once again transformed into a mediterranean oasis, helped by the beautiful weather. With temperatures reminiscent of italy, the 11. Music- and artfestival "rock meets art& dance" of the aktionskreis habfurt aktiv (AHA) and the city of habfurt with long shopping night a wonderful flair over the fubganger zone between upper and lower tower.
Many citizens from habfurt and the surrounding area took the opportunity to stroll through the whole old town, to stroll and to meet friends. Hachem farmand, advisor of the AHA and organizer of the festival, and the business people had also invested in an attractive program for their guests, which was well received by all. On the main stage on the crowded market place the band "famos" performed their listeners in the spell, while the musicians of the band "dreyklang" and the duo "double feature on the other stages the music- and artfestival did honor to them.

Acrylic and oil paintings

The theme of art was represented on the one hand by the painter hannelore heider from ebelsbach with her acrylic and oil paintings on the theme of "the scent of flowers" in the town hall. The title of the exhibition: "in your nothing i hope to find the all" after goethe's faust prints, that every human being longs for the origin, what she wants to express with her works.
Second, art teacher kim davey and her students displayed crude, colorful and illuminated lanterns on the theme of fables, sayings and fairy tale characters. Artful was also the first rough appearance of the brothers aaron and elias krapf from habfurt, who presented a program of street comedy and juggling at several places in the old town.
The theme of dance was finally fulfilled by the breakdancers of the "red squad crew", simon hager, david bergmann, robin full and kevin benning, as well as the jazzdance and hip-hop dancers of the ballet school on point with life.

Sanger and guitarist

But also the two concerts of the singer and guitarist "richmond" and the band "rickbop& the hurricanes, the cultural office habfurt live in the context of the open-air-concert-series "evening.Light" between the town hall and the city hall were an additional attraction.
The visitors felt very well and enjoyed the hours until midnight. Many had visited the festival for the second time. Norbert wippich from ebelsbach said: "i come here every year, because it is already like this." he particularly likes the atmosphere when the city is bathed in orange light in the late evening. "Today I would like to watch the dance performances and listen to as many musical groups as possible", he said. "I think it's great that the old town has turned into a pedestrian zone again. Especially since today is not so crowded as at the strabenfest."
Also the two 19-year-old friends anna hofmann from knetzgau and mia dutsch from westheim have been to the music and art festival several times before and wanted to meet up with friends again this time. "It's always here and the weather is just perfect", they swarmed.
Sonja frank from sand came to habfurt with her friend diana durnhofer and her son sebastian. "We are curious to see what the shops have to offer, because we want to go shopping first and foremost", they announced. "But we also think the whole program is great, it's something for young and old, and we especially like the fubganger zone."