Founding a nursing service | what are the requirements??

Start a caregiving business | What are the requirements?

Even if one would like to counteract this, the number of people in need of care in Germany continues to increase. Many people feel the need to take care of others and increase their quality of life. Unfortunately, these aspects are not always given in many nursing homes, so that some old people prefer to spend their twilight years in their own four walls. Don't blame them, yet they usually need all-around care or part-time care. Many everyday things can no longer be taken care of by older people themselves. At this point, caregivers come into play, who take care of the everyday tasks of the elderly and care for them. Unfortunately, the number of sought-after caregivers in Germany is also growing, so it can make sense if you want to start a care service.

Requirements for starting a care service

A nursing service makes sense especially if you yourself have the desire to support and care for older people. First of all, this commitment is highly commendable, as it demonstrates a sense of responsibility and maturity. However, there are a few basic requirements to meet before starting a caregiving service. Founding a care service can even be a good alternative to employment in a nursing home. The need is definitely there, so a needs analysis is not necessary for now. However, a little professional expertise is required, because there is more involved here than just going shopping for the grandma next door. Ideally, the founders of a care service already have experience in caring for the elderly and, at best, have completed training as a caregiver. But not only that, a little business knowledge is also part of a founder in the care sector. If you wish, you can enquire about further training in the relevant industry associations. There basic entrepreneurial knowledge for the care sector is learned. Legal framework conditions also play a role in founding a care service. The most important thing is always dealing with the caregivers and hiring suitable staff.

Founding a care service and helping old people

It should also be decided whether an outpatient or inpatient care service is to be opened. An outpatient care service is all about providing care in the patient's own four walls. These types of caregivers are increasingly in demand, because many elderly people do not want to be placed in a nursing home and want care at home. If you would like to open an outpatient care service, then you should of course also take into account the travel costs and the increased time expenditure.

Conditions and requirements to be able to found a care service

The personal affinity and suitability for a care service foundation is given? Then you can continue with the legal framework. It is important before the establishment to contact some specialized offices. For example, the legal form and registration of the business at the time of establishment are important. Legislation also lays down a few important regulations for the care of the elderly. For example, care insurance is important. If you want to start a care service, you should first obtain the necessary forms from the relevant office and fill them in correctly. Then you need a license from the relevant nursing care insurance fund, whereby in the case of an outpatient nursing service, the state associations of the nursing care insurance funds are responsible. With many it is the AOK.

Start a care service and hold the hand of the elderly

Commercial basics for a nursing service

Without a financial plan and a business plan it does not go forward also with the care service. Here, too, detailed market analyses must be carried out and a concept developed. It is important that all facts and figures are gathered together. For an outpatient care service, you will need at least one office, which can also be in your own home at the beginning. Later, however, the appearance in a proper office is worthwhile. If you calculate with a care service, in which you take patients, so of course other costs must be calculated in. A care service will not function without the rent or the purchase of a house with rooms. For example, rent, water costs or electricity costs are incurred. Also advertising expenses must flow in, the production of an Internet side or the pressure of Flyern. For the office you need a facility and must include paper costs, computer costs and other office supply costs. Already printers or computers can be quite a burden on the wallet, at least in the beginning.

Establish a nursing service and be there until the end

Safeguards in the care sector

The care sector is a relatively risky business, because relatives and loved ones of people in need of care always want the best for the person being cared for. You should also take precautions against lawsuits, because even the most reliable people make mistakes that cannot be calculated in advance. For example, a patient could accidentally be prescribed the wrong medication or an incorrect dosage. Then relatives could sue the business, which can be quite expensive for the operator and will cost a lot of strength. You almost can't avoid legal expenses insurance for the self-employed, because it covers legal fees and litigation costs.

The settlement with the payer

There is a difference between a care and a home health care. The care is secured with a care contract and, depending on the care insurance company and care level, is billed according to services provided. In the case of home health care, health insurance companies bill for the services and the care service is reimbursed for the expenses incurred. After submitting the invoice to the health insurance company within 30 days, the money will be credited to your account.

Taking responsibility for sick people and those in need of care

If you want to start a nursing service, you should be able to present personal reasons for it, for example, love for the elderly or passion for the profession. Every founder must be aware of the personal responsibility of people, because this is not about an object, brand or product, but about people who depend on help. So from now on it is your responsibility to ensure that the nursing staff is suitable for the nursing tasks. So they must master the profession and enjoy doing it as much as you do. Look for qualified workers and less on lateral workers. If at some point you want to offer training yourself, you can do so after personal training and qualification. Once all aspects have been taken into account, you can get started with setting up a care service.

Incidentally, care services are also subsidized by the state, so it is worthwhile to find out more about this area. Any startup phase is stressful, so a grant will certainly serve its purpose.

Establish care service and give pleasure

Think in the same course also about the production of a good Internet operational readiness level, which appeal to future "customers" or patients and induce to engage you. Keep in mind that it is usually the relatives who are looking for a suitable care place. And because they only want the best for their relatives, you should also offer only the best. Just as you would want it for your relatives.

You would like even more information on the subject of founding a care service? Then take a look at the founder platform, from the idea to the business start, simply explained and accompanied.