Forchheim town hall is in the hands of fools

In the hall of the volksbank headquarters, mayor uwe kirschstein hands over the town hall cube to the prince and princess, her sweetheart carina the first, and his great-grandson markus the first. Carina mamat from forchheim was already in the public eye in 2005 when she went down in forchheim's history books as beer queen carina the first. She sees it nuchtern: "for the christmas angel I'm too old." the children's prince and princess, emilia the first (8), and stephan the first (8), assist with the distribution of the medals, the bouquet of flowers and the "kissing off".

El presidente des elferrats, bernd uttenreuther, explains what he is going to do with the rathausschlussel: "we are now looking for the 14.2 mio. Euro repayment from the county levy, which flowed to the county. When we find the millions, the whole club will use the money for a vacation in the warm south – after the carnival season, of course!"

The performance of the dance guards is impressive: starting with the tumbler guard for the 3 to 6 year olds, who stormed the hall as indians, through the children's guard for the 6 to 10 year olds and the youth guard (up to 17 years) to the active guard, they showed their skills with artistic interludes. The elegant jump into the splits is part of the standard repertoire – not recommended for imitation!