Deaths in tribal fighting in libya: tanks seized

Twelve people died in the town of sleitan when members of two tribes clashed on thursday evening. Local media spoke of 40 injured on friday. The fight started after a member of one tribe killed a member of the other tribe.

In the city of tarhuna, southeast of tripoli, troops of the transitional government seized more than 100 tanks and armored vehicles as well as 30 rocket launchers. They belong to a militia whose loyalty to the government has been questioned, it was said. The wire-pullers of a series of attacks that claimed the lives of two guards in tripoli at the beginning of the week are also said to belong to a brigade from tarhuna.

No information was provided on the results of a meeting of the general national congress on security issues. The transitional parliament had met behind closed doors on thursday. It is to appoint a new head of government, who will then form a new cabinet. In the current government, the defense and interior portfolios are held by politicians who are prone to supporting the revolutionary brigades of the cities of sintan and misrata.

Meanwhile, the acting head of the transitional government, abdel rahim al-kib, ordered the destruction of gaddafi's former headquarters in tripoli, which had been heavily damaged by nato attacks. Parks and a cultural center were to be built on the site of the bab al-asisija complex near the airport.