Crime stars in noodles on the sage

That a film team comes to the rhon is nothing exciting per se. Numerous bavarian radio productions have been filmed in rhon-grabfeld and bad kissingen in recent years. This time, however, it was special. The well-known actors from the eberhofer crime series, sebastian bezzel and simon schwarz, visited three local entrepreneurs in junkershausen (biohof may), burglauer (annette seehaus-arnold) and nudlingen (edgar thomas), it says in a press release.

As franz eberhofer and rudi birkenberger, the popular actors sebastian bezzel and simon schwarz have already attracted over five million viewers to the cinemas. Not for a movie, but for the BR series "bezzel& schwarz – die grenzganger black – the border gangers" the two actors visited the rhon.

For the TV format, bezzel and schwarz went on a discovery tour through bavaria and looked for people who have become border crossers in their own lives, who have left their old lives behind and now do things completely differently.

They also ended up with edgar thomas in nudlingen. Thomas is a civil servant, 2. Burgermeister of noodles, crate delivery man, district chairman of the farmers' association, farmer and tree pruning expert. In order to get to know this multifaceted man, bezzel and schwarz also stopped at his house.

The "perished" say

Thomas is not surprised: "we home-based entrepreneurs are also often border crossers, because we think differently about a lot of things. That's why this format fits us like a glove." he is not afraid of cameras and certainly not of strangers. Nevertheless, the shoot was something special for him: "at the beginning, i was a bit nervous and jumped around a bit, but we had a very relaxed conversation right from the start. At some point, I didn't even notice that the camera was on", he laughs. "Of course we also talked about my work as a tree surgeon. With the work platform I then drove up with simon uber 20 meters. Sebastian, however, has remained on the ground because he has a terrible fear of heights." after the excursion to the heights, bezzel and schwarz were supposed to lend a hand themselves and split a wooden trunk with an old shot-sage. "I said to the guys: you are like an old married couple anyway, then you could work like at a french wedding with an old saying. Of course, they made the phrase 'verreckt', but I'm happy to keep it." sebastian bezzel was particularly fascinated by the fact that edgar thomas always drives old cars and fire engines to poor countries, such as mauretania, for good causes.

That it was the last rhon visit of the two is doubtful. Finally bezzel considered a vacation with his family at the biohof may, and both wanted to drive an old fire engine to jordan with edgar thomas.