Christmas in the forest with ox, donkey and tomcat jogi

Actually my home is the stable of the seitz family in tiefenlauter. But once a year I, pony miro, have to move to the railroad embankment in the neighborhood of the franziskus chapel. Then I know it's that time again. People call it christmas and some of them are as if they had been changed. Shortly before 6 p.M., many people make a pilgrimage to the railroad embankment to stand outside in all weathers, whether it is snowing, raining or there is an icy wind, to watch a strange event.

Well, I don't care, I'm standing with my friend ramona protected in a stable. And this stable has it in itself. Since last year, many people have invested time and effort to give the shelter a new look. Now lights up at the push of a button. The funny thing is that the many people who come to tiefenlauter every year don't see anything new.

Actually, the same story is always told. About a couple that is supposed to go to bethlehem for a folk payment and can't find a place to stay there. Finally they end up in a stable, and the woman gives life to a child there. Again and again the same, and that already for 47 years. For 20 years the whole thing has been shown on the railroad embankment.

But the story about the child must be so exciting and touching that the people do not let themselves be deterred to populate the little deep lute. My "boss calls the day saint's eve. And then there are many children who rehearse quite often to please other people. One of them is twelve-year-old linda schneider. She has been playing since she was four years old.

She told me that she enjoys telling the story over and over again with other children. She says: "playing theater is incredibly fun for me." she also told me that something can go wrong. "Once I shouted out loud instead of hallelujah: hello julia."

That the "waldweihnacht", that's what the bipeds call their contemplative gathering, linda schneider is in the blood, it's not surprising. Her mother kathrin was already there and delighted the hearts of many people. In recent years, nine-year-old ben bobl and his three-year-old brother tom moved to tiefenlauter with their parents. The two boys quickly found themselves among the children of waldweihnacht.

" my mother didn't tell us that we should play here", fluttered ben in my ear. Right after that he added: "I'm not mad at my mom for that, it's a lot of fun with the other kids."

By the way children. I, as an old pony from tiefenlautern, know all the girls and boys from our town. Many come and caress me every now and then. But there is one, who has traveled to us from far away unterlauter. Lars wunsch was there when we had a certain lack of new blood in tiefenlauter. Now he is firmly part of the troupe.

Ramona and I stand in our stable and watch the hustle and bustle in peace and quiet. But there is still someone coming who seems to be very important. Usually dressed in a black cloak, i hear words that captivate me. This year it was pastor dorothea zwolfer who told the visitors about the deeper meaning of christmas.

And when I heard these words, it was clear to me that christmas must be something very special for people. A child born in a stable and placed in a manger from which I usually eat, changes the whole world. The pastor said that jesus was not born into a palace, but was deliberately born in a stable. "Jesus has opened himself to the people who are standing on the edge", said zwolfer. It was very special for her to celebrate her first waldweihnacht in tiefenlauter. "Celebrating the holy evening in the open air is very close to the original", said the theologian.

Before the many guests left the country to go home to their families, the brass band (luis flurschutz, thomas scheuerer, daniela schneider, amelie dietrich and sylvia schneider) played the song of the "silent night".

The children asked again for a donation for a good cause. Lennart korschofsky, franka korschofsky, linda schneider, elisa schneider, lukas winkler, lars wunsch, luca kellner, phil kellner, moritz bauer, leonie scheler, ben bobl, tom bobl, nelly leipold, mia kirstner, jule kirstner and antonia burlyaev bid farewell to their audience with the wish for a merry christmas. Kathrin and sabrina schneider were in charge of the backdrops.

I am very proud of the fact that ramona, me and jogi the cat (who does the name remind me of?) are all very happy?) was allowed to be present in the nativity play. In bethlehem only the ox and the donkey are said to have been present. Well, in tiefenlauter everything is a little different.