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Salary increase in france: our tips for your negotiation

Salary increase in France: our tips for your negotiations

Whether during a job interview or after a longer period of employment, many candidates or. Employees uncomfortable to pay. How can you cleverly address the issue of money and what remuneration is the French employer willing to offer at all?? Is the position to be filled "fairly paid" Or, as part of a reassignment, salary is to be adjusted downward? We tell you how to successfully negotiate your salary with your future employer or negotiate a salary increase in France in your current company.

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Industry tips for founders: opportunities for your idea

In fact, there are endless opportunities to start your own business and you don't always have to reinvent the wheel. Maybe you've already become aware of an existing business idea and would just like to modify it a bit, or maybe you'd like to start a new business. extend them to a new market? This requires that you familiarize yourself with the products or. You must be familiar with the services offered in the relevant sector of the business field, because each specialization places special demands on the knowledge of founders. So remember to put your qualifications under the microscope. Find out more on the LEXROCKET knowledge portal and read why your personal start-up position plays a role before you decide in which industry you want to set up your own business and perhaps found a startup. Also find out how individual consulting and funding offers can help you, for example. Get smart for your success!

Note: Gender-sensitive language is important to us. That's why we use gender-neutral terms on this portal whenever possible. In addition, we switch to the generic masculine. This explicitly includes all genders (m/f/d). This procedure has only editorial reasons and does not contain any valuation.

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Working in old age: tips you should consider

Some people are counting the years until they can finally retire. Some even cross off the individual days they have taken on this arduous journey. But more and more often, working in old age is coming into focus on the other side as well. This refers to employees who do not want to retire immediately when they reach retirement age, but want to continue participating in working life in various forms. But what needs to be taken into account and how can you convince your employer that you still have the qualifications and capabilities needed to do a good job?? We give some tips..

Working in old age: tips to keep in mind

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Belize private tours individual travel with rental car

Belize San Pedro Private Tour

To the offers ▼ E xplore with Belize private round trips on an adventure by canoe the interior, snorkel between the tropical sea fauna in the Barrier Reef, discover in the jungle the ruins Tikal, listen to Reggae on the sandy main roads in Caye Caulker. Hear the howler monkeys from the top of Temple IV in Tikal, enjoy the sunsets of Caye Caulker, groove to reggae rhythms, stroll the streets of the colonial city of Antigua.

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Retraining at 40

Retraining at the age of 40 is by no means a wasted effort, as is often assumed. It is a fact that you actually start your career after school or university and gradually build something up.

At the age of 40, you should be in the middle of your career and have reached a higher position where you can benefit from your education and experience. Unfortunately, life's paths don't always run in a straight line, so that sometimes you have to rethink and reorient yourself.

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Florida: tips for your vacation in the sunshine state

Do you fancy the sunny side of life? Then start browsing our Florida vacation guide right away. After all, the southernmost state of the USA is not called the "Sunshine State" for nothing. Whereby the name does not only stand for 300 days of sunshine on white sandy beaches: Florida also means lifestyle, theme parks, water sports and hot parties with cool people.

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