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Statutory nursing insurance

To finance home care and nursing, benefits from long-term care insurance can be claimed under the law. For this purpose, those in need of care must submit applications to the statutory long-term care insurance fund. The determined care degree decides the amount of financial support.

These are the maximum amounts that are available. These are always to be checked individually. The amount of money depends u. a. depends on whether services have already been used or will become permanent.

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What are the costs of health insurance?

health insurance costs

Since the 1. January 2009 the general health insurance obligation is valid in Germany. According to this, everyone must be a member of a statutory or private health insurance company. Legally insured persons can also choose between various providers, whose services vary. But how much does health insurance cost and are there alternatives to SHI for employees? We clarify these and many further questions in the interview with the cost check expert.

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The european health insurance card: what it’s all about

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  • The EHIC allows access to medical care in Europe in all EU member states as well as in Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.
  • In the post-Brexit era, European Health Insurance can still be used in the UK, but British citizens will soon get their own health document: the GHIC.

The European Health Insurance Card

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Placement of french-speaking caregivers (nurse, nurse practitioner) from france

Placement of French-speaking nursing staff (nurse, nurse practitioner) from France

The care sector in Germany is also facing a major shortage of skilled workers because of an aging society. At the same time, there are too few jobs for qualified caregivers, especially in countries outside the European Union. You can also profit from it if you have special needs. Because French or francophone elderly people or people in need of care can then make use of caregivers with whom communication is not a problem and perhaps even brightens up the dull everyday life through conversation.

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The motor vehicle liability claim

In Germany, compulsory motor vehicle insurance is a legal requirement and thus a fixed component of every car insurance policy. It has the purpose to cover the claims for damages of the other parties (third parties), which have been caused to them by your vehicle in an accident. It therefore does not cover damage to your own vehicle! – Your own damage is covered by comprehensive insurance (if you have taken out such insurance).

  • Professional damage and value appraisals in Berlin and the surrounding area
  • Short-term on-site appointments also available
  • 24h reachable also on Sundays and holidays
  • Over 10 years of experience

In the case of a motor vehicle liability claim, there may be differences between the legally entitled claims and the contractually guaranteed claims. The injured party is to be placed in the same position as if the damage had not occurred. The injured party may demand, instead of restoration of the original condition, the amount of money necessary to restore (z.B. the repair of the vehicle) would be required. This requires the involvement of an independent motor vehicle expert, who can prepare a damage assessment and thus accurately quantify your damage.

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Flexibility and efficiency: why renting a company car is the best option

If you run a business or are a director, you know how important mobility is to business success. Business trips are part of everyday life for many companies and a reliable work car is essential. However, if you're thinking about purchasing a car for your business, you're faced with a decision: should you lease or buy a car? Or is renting a company car the better option?

In this blog article, you will learn why company car rental can be the best choice for your business. We explain the advantages of renting a company car over buying or leasing, and what to look for when choosing a rental car.

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Get help with medical bills and expenses

Have medical expenses you can't afford to pay? You are not alone. Maryland and national organizations may be able to help cover some of your medical costs, mediate billing disputes or denials, or provide free medical equipment.

Financial help

Talk to your healthcare provider about financial assistance programs first. Many hospitals have patient programs to help lower medical bills. Ask about the provider's financial aid guidelines to learn more about the details and eligibility requirements for care.

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These new rules for retirees now apply

From 2023, the additional earnings limit for pensioners will be eliminated altogether. In practice, this creates the space for a new strategy when planning for retirement.

Munich – Work and draw a pension at the same time without having it reduced because of the additional earnings: That can many employees with 63 years owing to the Corona special rules already for two years. But starting next year, even more generous rules will apply – permanently. Because the additional earnings limit for early retirement pensions is eliminated without replacement. The tz explains the details.

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School trip insurance: carefree travel with insurance cover

Even the thought of a beautiful experience – whether in the past or the future – triggers feelings of happiness in us humans. When planning an upcoming trip, it brings back memories of joyful moments during previous journeys and evokes feelings of longing and freedom. Some scientists claim that this anticipation often makes people happier than the actual event they are looking forward to.

School trips are often looked forward to for months by teachers, parents and students. To ensure that this anticipation is not clouded by worries about possible financial losses, there are insurance policies that cover certain contingencies and provide assistance in the event of misfortune. Here, the insurance companies have a wealth of variants on offer, but it is easy for a layman to lose track of them all. To help you decide whether to take out an insurance policy, we have explained below the most important travel insurances that alpetour offers for school trips.

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