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Advice on nursing insurance

When you or a relative requires care, there are many organizational details that affect you. We answer the most important questions about long-term care insurance.

Where is one insured?

Most people with health insurance also have long-term care insurance with their health insurer. The nursing care application must therefore be submitted to the nursing care insurance fund of the policyholder's own health insurance company. The situation is different if the insured has taken out private long-term care insurance. In this case, the application must be made there.

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Long-term care assessment: what to look out for

The care assessment determines whether and to what extent someone is in need of care. Only then can care services be claimed. Find out here how the assessment takes place and how you can prepare for it.

At a glance

  • The long-term care assessment determines whether a person is in need of long-term care as defined by the long-term care insurance system. Only then can care benefits be received.
  • During a home visit, an assessor from the medical service checks to what extent and for how long the applicant is dependent on help in everyday life.
  • In addition, the assessor gives advice on how to improve the care situation and recommends preventive and rehabilitation measures.
  • The same assessment guidelines are used for children and adolescents, but their need for support is measured differently.
  • Thorough preparation for the assessment can help to be correctly classified.
  • It is possible to appeal against the decision on the need for care.

Care assessment: an elderly man with a beard and glasses, sitting in a wheelchair, turns backwards with a smile to a person in white who stands behind him and puts his hands on his shoulders

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Asb bochum accompanies refugees into working life

The path to work and training on the German labor market is often long for refugees. In order to accompany refugees in this process, ASB Bochum has launched the "Integration Concept Work" project. It is led by the social scientist Susanne Tonnishoff. With a great deal of commitment, she organizes information events, establishes networks with training companies and authorities, and prepares refugees for job applications.

Integration concept work of the ASB Bochum

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Minijob employment contract sample – the contract template for minijobbers

Employment contract Minijib

Especially for your small company or freshly started business, employees who work for you as part of a mini-job are an advantage. This is how you save on the otherwise high ancillary costs for employees. If, for example, you want to hire a worker for your business for a monthly wage of 450 €, then this is a marginally paid employment.

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