Car loan comparison for austria

When buying a new car, drivers have to dig deep into their pockets. Often the savings are not enough, so a car loan is needed. But this does not necessarily have to be taken out with the car dealer. Direct banks often offer the lower interest rate car financing. Our car loan comparison for Austria helps you to find the ideal financing.

Do not rush into car financing with the car dealer

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In fact, many car financing deals are made directly at the dealership. Most buyers do this for one reason only, convenience. The annoying trip to the bank is eliminated and at the same time time time is saved. However, one thing is often not considered: Just because a loan is offered by a car bank, it doesn't automatically embody the best car financing deal .

The car banks are often not so cheap, primarily they know how to convince with promotional offers. If, for example, a car manufacturer sells significantly fewer models of a vehicle than initially calculated, special financing often serves as a lure. In such cases, the car loans of direct banks can indeed be unbeatably cheap. But you can often find car loans from other banks that are more favorable.

Direct banks also know how to convince

Direct banks in particular do not have to hide with their installment and car loans. Not rarely the interest rates are on a similar level or are even more favorable. Especially when it comes to financing used cars, it is often cheaper to take this route.

But not only with the interest rates know the direct banks to convince. The high degree of flexibility associated with these loans is striking: they offer significantly more options than car loans.

No car loan without prior comparison

Because of these differences, it is advisable to definitely do a car loan comparison. This is the only way to determine with absolute certainty which banks in Austria offer the ideal loan for financing the next car.

Car financing tips

The following three tips will help you get the most out of your car financing and keep costs as low as possible.

  • Term: Car banks usually offer only a few options for terms. Direct banks know with a higher flexibility to convince. It is also very important that the financing does not exceed the planned useful life of the car.
  • Unscheduled repayment: The possibility of unscheduled repayment should exist. If, for example, the car is no longer available after an accident, it is advantageous if the loan can be paid off early.
  • Cash payment: Who does not finance over the dealer, but borrows the money with a direct bank, can agree upon a cash payment and negotiate thus a larger KFZ discount .

Car loan comparison for Austria

Without a loan calculator from the Internet, it is difficult to make a car loan comparison. The problem is the enormous effort that is linked to obtaining each financing offer. It would probably take several days until all offers are available. It is therefore better simply to use the online calculator or. to enter the relevant data there. In essence, it is enough to specify the required loan amount and the desired duration. Based on this data, the interest rates of the individual car loans can be calculated.

If you too would like to finance a car soon, then take advantage of the opportunity now. Within minutes you have found out with our car loan comparison, which banks and direct banks offer the appropriate car financing. In addition, the loan can be directly online, so that it is approved and disbursed as quickly as possible.