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Here with us in Wanzleben-Borde, you as the client will receive speedy support as soon as you have discovered stone damage or a crack in the windscreen. It can happen really easily that a windshield has a damage after a car ride on a federal road or the highway. And then it is relevant that you nimbly seek reliable help. It is known that it can be a danger to drive with a stone damage or even a break in the windshield. For this reason, we recommend that you immediately call the auto glass experts. This allows you as a client to get an appointment for service right away. In most cases, we will be at your location on the next calendar day at the latest or offer you an appointment in our workshop. You as a potential customer should not thereby risk that the damage is further deteriorated or that you are exposed to a real risk. If you are looking for a competent expert for car glass in the city of Wanzleben-Borde, then you are exactly right with us as a potential customer.

Mobile on-site service in Wanzleben-Borde

We are quite proud to be able to offer an on-site service in Wanzleben-Borde. Accordingly, you as a potential customer do not have to come to the workshop if you want to order a replacement or repair of your windshield. We, the auto glass experts Wanzleben-Borde, come with our repair vehicle to you and carry out all work immediately at your site. This can be done at home or at work. This way you don't have to plan any additional time and the auto glass experts can easily carry out the windshield repair when you as a customer are busy anyway. Your auto glass order in the area of Wanzleben-Borde cannot be handled any more uncomplicatedly.

Order the mobile on-site service now. We come directly to you and repair or replace your window.

Mobile auto glass Wanzleben-Borde

Windshield replacement

If there are stone chips in the field of vision, there is no discussion, the windshield must be replaced. We will be happy to replace your car seat and make sure that you will soon be able to drive safely again. But even with stone damage outside the field of vision, it is usually sensible to have the windshield replaced. In such a situation, we are happy to support you and then carry out the necessary work. As a result, you will soon have an intact window in your car again and you will not have to worry about the damage any further. Just call us or write to us to get a workshop appointment for the replacement of the window in the city of Wanzleben-Borde as soon as possible.

Stone chip repair

We are very often contacted when it comes to repairing a stone chip in Wanzleben-Borde. Clients want to know if the windshield should be changed. Fortunately, this is exactly not the case with every damage. Often it is already enough, if we carry out a professional repair of the damage. This can be done only if the damage is not very big. Furthermore, the damage must be away from the field of vision. If this is the case, we will be happy to look at the stone chip together with you and tell you which approach is best for you.

Billing with the insurance

Car insurance billing is a real pain in the ass for many people. They fear an enormous amount of paperwork and usually do not know exactly what they need to know in the process. In addition, they don't want to advance the bill amount because they don't know exactly when they'll get it back from the insurance company. Therefore, the auto glass experts strive for you as our customer to settle the bill with your car insurer.

Fast appointments in Wanzleben-Borde

With us, you as a customer will get a repair appointment quickly.