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“Monkey business” in ermreuth

"Monkey business" in ermreuth

The theater group of ermreuth has prepared the play "such a monkey theater" for the new season rehearsed. It is a tale in three acts by erich koch, which will be performed seven times in march. On saturday, 3. February, the advance ticket sale starts at the gasthaus ederer in ermreuth, already at 11 a.M.
From the content of the play: farmer alfons quenches his thirst in the inn "zum ochsen", especially since a new waitress has been hired there. He was also keen to give this a role in the new theater piece that the local theater group will be presenting. Alfons' wife did not hide the fact that he is after every rock, but now she does not want to tolerate this any longer.
Her unmarried sister, who lives in the house, also does not think much of such indecencies. But she has long had her eye on alfons' friend, the hobby poet heinz, who is not at all fond of her. He is also supposed to help alfons finally get her out of the house.

Secret plan

in the meantime, the two women, together with their daughter eva and the pastor's cook, are secretly plotting how to bring the men to their senses. Hans – a shy mother's son – and the old goods dealer franz also become involuntarily part of the "monkey theater" in the making.
The actors (alphabetically) are: daniel ederer, roland ederer, sabine ederer, petra einsweiler-kaul, sandra henhappel-kraus, karlheinz leupert, philip loffler, franzi wimmelbacher.
Due to a seventh performance, which has been firmly scheduled again, there will be no additional performance, the theater group announces.

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Accident in schwabach: mother gets behind the wheel despite 2.2 per mille – son (9) in the car

A drunk woman caused an accident in the nurnberger strabe in schwabach on saturday night.

According to the police, witnesses observed how a woman drove her car into a parked vehicle while backing out of the parking space. Afterwards the woman fled to fub. However, she could be quickly located by the patrol and arrested.

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Compensating for errors with high tech

Many experts advocate the use and further development of assistance systems to improve road safety for senior citizens. Because these systems – in addition to numerous other features or vehicle configurations – can compensate for age-related deficits and contribute to older drivers being involved in car accidents less often or even being the main culprit. Technological support also protects seniors as pedestrians or cyclists.

Driving assistance systems

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Find car insurance despite insolvency – this is how it works

The rules around personal insolvency have recently been simplified once again. Six years became three years, but the problems remain for the affected persons for the time being. Although the debts have been reduced or cancelled, the negative insolvency entry in Schufa still remains. For three years after conclusion of the insolvency the entry remains in the Schufa and loads thus the credit rating massively. Could this entry have a negative impact on your search for a new car insurance policy? And what does it look like during the insolvency phase in the first place?? Is a conclusion or a change then at all possible? We clarify.

*It may happen that we do not have all providers in the comparison calculator. If you are missing a provider, please write to us at! Powered by "see redirect"

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Building insurances become more expensive again

The stormy times of the last years have far-reaching consequences. Not only do you cause global tragedies, people die and landscapes are destroyed. They also cause very mundane damage to property. Storms and floods result in covered roofs, flooded rooms, damaged masonry and destroyed property components.

Our customers are also affected. Numerous damage treatments have been carried out by us in the last few months.

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Car loan comparison for austria

When buying a new car, drivers have to dig deep into their pockets. Often the savings are not enough, so a car loan is needed. But this does not necessarily have to be taken out with the car dealer. Direct banks often offer the lower interest rate car financing. Our car loan comparison for Austria helps you to find the ideal financing.

Do not rush into car financing with the car dealer

car loan

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Professions with animals: what does an animal keeper do??

Working as an animal keeper sounds like a lot of stroking and cuddling. After that, spending intensive time with the animals. However, the reality is a little different. Not every pet guardian can actually cuddle or even touch their charges. Some of the species to be cared for don't allow for close contact at all, for example rhinos at the zoo. There are also many tasks associated with this profession that are physically demanding. And even emotionally, animal caretakers sometimes reach their limits. But of course there are also many beautiful sides.

How exactly the job description of an animal keeper looks like, how you can learn this profession and in which areas you can work afterwards, this and more you will find out in this article.

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Safe travel during corona – these precautions are recommended by the robert koch institute

Travel safely during Corona - These precautions are recommended by the Robert Koch Institute

More and more Corona measures are falling away, more and more states are opening their borders and gradually the daily routine is returning. After a long time you can finally look forward to going on vacation again without worries. However, even though the situation seems calm at the moment, authorities still recommend following some safety precautions. You can find out what precautions the Robert Koch Institute recommends so that you can also travel safely during Corona in our travel blog.

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Los cabos airport

Los Cabos International Airport (SJD), also known as San Jose del Cabo International Airport, is an airport that serves San Jose del Cabo, Cabo San Lucas and the Los Cabos area in the Mexican state of Baja California Sur. It is located only 12 km north of San Jose del Cabo. The airport is the sixth busiest in Mexico, peaking at 5 million passengers in 2018 and dropping nearly 50% during the pandemic. It serves as a hub for Aeromexico, Volaris and AeroMexico Connect. It has 2 terminals, Terminal 1 is mainly for domestic flights and Terminal 2 is exclusively for international flights. The airport mainly offers flights within the rest of Latin America and the U.S.

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