Accident in schwabach: mother gets behind the wheel despite 2.2 per mille – son (9) in the car

A drunk woman caused an accident in the nurnberger strabe in schwabach on saturday night.

According to the police, witnesses observed how a woman drove her car into a parked vehicle while backing out of the parking space. Afterwards the woman fled to fub. However, she could be quickly located by the patrol and arrested.


The reason for their escape was quickly apparent. She had an alcohol level of over 2.2 promille. The woman wanted to return home to the district of ansbach with other passengers, including her son, who was only nine years old.

Previously, all were in a guesthouse and consumed there plenty of alcohol. Communication with the vehicle occupants, some of whom were over 3.0 per mille in alcohol, proved to be quite difficult for the officers deployed on site. A blood sample was taken to determine the blood alcohol level.

In addition, the woman's driver's license was confiscated. The driver has to expect a hefty fine and a suspension of her driver's license.