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Customers today have high expectations of their websites. While they may not be able to tell you what a post back or a page refresh are, they know they do not want to see them. Customers also expect their websites to be alive with content. They have a dynamic business and they expect their web applications to reflect this.

If you are a web developer with the ASP.NET stack in your tool belt, the Knockout.js and SignalR libraries are available to make developing these dynamic applications easier. These libraries handle much of the DOM manipulation and low level communication details so you can get on with adding business value instead of worrying about plumbing. This screen cast series will give you an in-depth introduction to using Knockout.js, SignalR, and git deployment to the new Windows Azure Website platform.

All of the code for the application developed during this screencast is available on github.

Building and MVC 4 application with Knockout.js and Windows Azure Websites:



Adding real time communication with SignalR:


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