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On October 4th and October 10th, my family will be participating in fund raising walks to raise money for research into better management, and someday a cure, for diabetes. Similar to many of the technical conferences I attend, these events provide a great place to get tips and tricks, and to share stories of shared experiences. As parents, we walk away from these events refreshed with new ideas and comforted that our struggles are shared. It is also a good place for my son Drew to be around other kids who have diabetes--a place where it is not unusual to do a blood sugar test before lunch.

Since last year, Drew has now moved on to first grade. He has become a voracious reader, loves launching model rockets, riding his bike, and of course, pestering his little brother. He lives a very full life, just like any other 6 year old boy, with a bit more ceremony around eating, exercise, and bedtime. One of his favorite activities is driving, whether it is Power Wheels, the lawn tractor, or popping dad’s car out of gear and releasing the emergency brake for a fun-filled ride into the ditch; he relishes every minute behind the wheel. As any 6 year old should, he now knows the tune to The Victors and most of the words. In short, this little guy does not let anything keep him from enjoying being a kid.

Through all of the cake and ice cream ridden birthday parties, hormone changes, and marathon play sessions, control has been pretty good so far this year. The last three A1c readings have been at 7.1%. The goal that we have been given by the endocrinologist is 8%. We try very hard, as parents, to learn and teach how to deal with life with diabetes so that Drew will have all the knowledge he needs to significantly reduce the risk of common complications. Through events like this walk, my hope is that in my lifetime, management of this disease will not be a 24/7 activity. If you would like to help support us in this endeavor, you can sponsor our team here:

JDRF Team Donation Page

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