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Speaking at CodeStock 2009

This year CodeStock is shaping up to be a conference like no other. Most regional conferences have around 25 sessions with some attempt to do Open Spaces on the side. CodeStock 2009 will certainly blow the doors off the norm with a community driven event with something to offer for everyone. To start with, it is the first conference that I know of that allowed the early registering attendees to choose the direction for the more than 50 hour-long sessions as well as 6 extended hands-on sessions. Then, to kick it up one more notch, Alan Stevens will be facilitating the Open Spaces. Make no mistake: Alan knows how to do Open Spaces right. Last year’s CodeStock was the moment the community took notice of the way that Alan’s particular talent set meshes with coordinating an exceptionally effective Open Space event. This is truly an event that has something to offer everyone.

Given the community selection process, it is even more of an honor to be selected to speak at this event. I will be giving the PatternsInTesting presentation that has already been well received in the Midwest area.

Indy Code Camp 2009

I was privileged to be able to give the PatternsInTesting presentation at Indy Code Camp this year. There were many really good testing related conversations before and after the presentation. I am encouraged by the amount of interest the community is taking towards improving the adoption of test driven design. I also got to see a few top notch presentations:

  • Tim Wingfield - Care About Your Craft: A very motivating presentation on doing the right thing
  • Philip Japikse - CRUD Sucks! NHibernate to the rescue: Phil has an impressive in depth knowledge of NHibernate. I was most fascinated by all of the extensions that he has written to really make NHibernate hum.
  • Jon Fuller - Dealing with Dependencies: This was my favorite presentation of the day. Jon had only enough slides for an overview and went directly in to writing code. It was an in depth, working look at using DI tools.
  • Michael Eaton - Developing Solid WPF Applications: A very informative view into a real world WPF application and its development evolution

Greater Lansing .net User Group

A big thank you to GLUGnet for letting me do the PatternsInTesting presentation for the group. This is a group that I frequently attend, it is nice to be able to present on a topic that I talk about so much with the members of that group.

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